Thursday, July 22, 2010

SEO for Google PR

Is Google PR really dead? Some web hosting and web development companies believe that it is a business opportunity and claim that they can do SEO and help you position websites in top of search engines results. Unfortunately, they only help you to open a paid search marketing account in Yahoo! Search Marketing or Google Adwords and take some of your budget as service fee. No matter you open an account yourself or use those service provider, you require to bid and pay for each click in search engines.

In an online forum post a discussion on Google PR, people from anywhere are speculating about what is going on. In fact, one member was quick to point out that the last big shift Google had, we saw the PR system go down as well. This begs the question... Are we seeing a Google marketing scheme just to shake people up?

What will it mean if Google's PR systems stays down?

In many ways, Google needs to be improved upon their busted PR system. There are so many areas they payed attention to forums and blogs all around the world, they would have more than enough feedback about their PR system to fix this growing PR issue.

Page ranking is a potentially a great system. It can be a great system if it directly ranks websites properly by relevancy, content and not simply by the number of links pointing to an individual website.

These days, you see a website with few medium relevant links pointing to it while its front page holds a PR of 7-8 out of 10. How does SEO company justify that?

Until then, take this old story and find other ways to build your business online. Don't worry about what Google is doing, worry about what you are doing to improve your internet marketing campaign.