Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Amazing Advance Website Page Rank Explosion In Less than 45 Days

Could this new website automation software be the key to the holy grail of high Google Page Ranks? Recently updated and optimized, Ultimate Blog Machine could be the key to your site being flooded with qualified search engine traffic.

Brisbane, Qld, Australia (PRWEB) May 31, 2006 -- Finally a simple to implement web optimisation system has been released to the eager SEO community. With less then 20 minutes work your site can be flooded with rank pushing, keyword rich incoming links. All totally automated, all able to be turned on or off, but why would you, at the click of a button.

Imagine the amazement of one user of the Ultimate Blog Machine software when he started with a brand new domain and 45 days later discovering he had a top ranking on this new domain with an amazing page rank of six (6). To gain such a rapid increase in page rank is something that the average webmaster would only dreams of. Could this be a powerful solution that you could use?

Constantly updating to the ever changing search engine environment has proven to be robust and effective. Backed up with top class customer support, and accommodation to the customers wished you too can be standing on the cutting edge of search engine optimisation technology.

Now available with unlimited domain usage and exclusive patent pending acceleration technology Ultimate Blog Machine is ahead of the game in creation of high quality back links and spider activity.

In this day competition is highly competitive with page rank being the deciding factor in winning in the search engines vs. loss to the bottom pages of the search engine stack.

If you are a webmaster be it beginner or professional I would urge you to seek out and explore the technology that is now available with The Ultimate Blog Machine.

To see a full report of the amazing first 72 hours of a brand new domain on the “steroids” of this amazing product but sure to study the report available to you at

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