Monday, May 29, 2006

SEO & Search Engine SPAM Identifier

It’s tempting to put together a keyword seeded site, URL, and folder system to try to speed up you rank on major top search engines, or have a history of ranking such sites in their top results in a short period of time. But in a run term your site is identify as a search engine spam in the future.
Some identifications:

* URL name - does it have 12 dashes in it? Is it a subdomain off something totally unrelate SPAM!
* folder names - are the exceedingly long and/or redundant? SPAM!
* file names - are they redundant with the file paths and long? SPAM!
* page titles, headers and content - are they so keyword rich that it is illegible? SPAM!
* design - does it look like a 4 year old put it together? does the design not match the site? are the colors just ugly? SPAM!
* graphics - do you use the a similar graphic to what most spammers in your industry use? SPAM!
* ad placement - is the ad block floated left inline with the content area? SPAM!
* outbound links - does it only link to crap off topic sites that link back? Is there a huge irrelevant link exchange area? SPAM!

Why is it important to consider the above spammy signals? Search is self reinforcing. If just a few people who would have linked at your site do not because one of the above spam signals then you may never rise to the top to reap the fruits of a self reinforcing top ranked position.

The way Aaron writes is straight-forward and to the point. He covers ground from beginner level to advanced level, imparting knowledge in such a way that really offends those of us who took years learning what he is giving away for less than $100." - John Scott, V7N

Quick Indications of Low Quality Search Spam.

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