Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Is meta tagging dead?

A moment ago I’ve read an article ‘bout meta tags and it refreshed my memory on how to write meta tags. But there are some webmasters says that, meta tags is face out on SEO trend. But two tips I found did help:

· Meta Description Tags: Google displays up to 160 characters (including spaces) or about 25 words

· Meta Keyword Tags: Search engines that support meta tags index up to 1000 characters (including spaces)

Back to basic about the meta tag that still has relevance; the meta description tag. Meta descriptions have three primary uses:

· To describe the content of the page accurately and succinctly
· To serve as a short, text "advertisement" to click on your results in the search results
· To display targeted keywords, not for ranking purposes, but to indicate the content to searchers

Great meta descriptions, just like great ads, but for keyword-targeted pages, particularly in competitive search results, they're a critical part of driving traffic from the engines through to your pages. The important there is much greater for search terms where the intent keyword of the searcher is unclear or different searchers might have different motivations.

It's significance sayings of SEO guru Danny Sullivan has said he no longer writes meta keyword tags and doesn't think they are worth the time. The few good rules there to follow the meta description tags are still very useful SEO tools that take advantage of their use in pulling in search traffic.


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