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Some people doubt on how to get their backlinks on Google search. Recently, I’d read an article on Google Reader shared items about the correct syntax on how to get your backward link on google search.

Question: What’s the difference between these 2 Google backward links search?

Dear Kalena...

As always, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Much appreciated! Here is yet another question: I have been recently mystified by Google's search feature. If you do the search with a space between the colon and www you get different results. Example vs. link:

Can you explain the difference?


Kalena's Answer:

Dear Marco

That's easy. The first search is the correct query to use for determining the number of backward links pointing to your site that Google considers significant (note this is not your *true* number of backlinks. To see a more accurate list, you need to view your site within Google's Webmaster Tools).

The second search is a malformed query. What you're actually searching for with that query is all documents that have references to the word "link" and "" on the same page. Look at the cache for one of the listings for the second version and you'll see both items highlighted.

Its a sort of. The backlinks shown in Google are the ones that Google think are important. Generally, they are links from pages with higher PageRank or "TrustRank" as it's known in the biz. If you want to see all your backlinks, Google's Webmaster Tools has much larger coverage.

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