Friday, February 08, 2008

Negative SEO - The Saboteurs Of Search - Mixx

Negative SEO - The Saboteurs Of Search - Mixx

How to Fix Blog Advertising

#1 - Blog owners need to think like advertisers! This is the overarching rule. When it comes to ad placements and ad positions/formats you have to ask yourself: if I was paying to drive traffic to my blog what would that campaign look like?

#2 - The 125×125 isn’t going away but you must supplement it with “interruption sized” banner sizes and placements. My suggestion is adding in a 468×60 at the top of the site and a 300×250 at the bottom of individual post pages. Then once all three units are in place you need to ROADBLOCK the two larger ad units for the same. So for each page impression one of the advertisers would get their ad on the top of the site (468×60), an ad in the left margin (125×125) and your ad at the bottom of the post (300×250). All advertisers will get 100% exposure in the 125×125 section on the right margin.

#3 - A monthly sponsor thank you post. The sponsor post serves two purposes: a. reach the rss readers who don’t see the website based and b. get the advertisers exposure in the content area of the page where readers won’t miss them. Ideally the format allows the advertiser to add a logo and then a message that could be a description of their product/services along with a coupon code special for this site.

#4 - Creative creatives! The ad has to draw the visitor’s attention and entice a click. Adding a call to action like “click here” “get started”, etc, can help. It is important to try a number of different ads and test CTR to see what ads perform the best for you. Even when you think you have one, it will go stale over time and ideally you are swapping out your creative monthly but this is hard to do. Our most successful ad for TLA didn’t even mention our company name it was just this ad below run on TechCrunch:

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