Thursday, November 30, 2006

See your site through Google's eyes

Seriously, this is the CSI episode for SEO. When it comes time to SEO your real estate blog or website, you need to stop looking at your site with human eyes and start looking at it with search engines eyes. Because, while your page might look great to you- all those pretty pictures and Flash animations stimulating your cerebral cortex, a search engine only sees the text. That’s right, search engines are text driven, all that fluff your designer spent hours toiling away at on her Mac is completely invisible to your favorite search engine.

As rapidly as technology advances, search engines are far from an intelligent technology capable of appreciating the beauty of a cool design or hearing the sounds and recognizing movement in movies. Instead, search engines crawl the Web, looking at particular site items, predominately text, to get an idea of what a site is about.

Tool: iwebtool’s spider view shows you your real estate blog or website how a search engine sees it.

Forensic accounting: 7 items a search engine can’t see

1. Images (always provide “alt” tags for images, they get rid of validation errors
and provide search engines with searchable text)
2. Flash movies
3. JavaScript
4. Frames
5. Password-protected pages
6. Directories
7. Audio/Video files (A notable exception to this rule are podcasts and vodcasts
which carry searchable text making them search engine friendly media types)

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Author: Mary McKnight

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