Monday, February 18, 2008

Legitimate SEO Company emphasizing on Google Optimization

NDDW is SEO Services Company in India that provides all Google Optimization basics while optimizing a website for their clients. They provide all emphasis on the basics like navigation, defining keywords and Meta tags, search engine friendly content, and other Google Optimization factors.

In the recent times basics have become necessary to ensure that a website is worth and paying. Even if the website is designed in a beautiful and fantastic way, no one ever visits it unless it is properly optimized. So the website is designed keeping in view the major search engines in mind. Thus following tasks are being implemented in order to create website for promotion.

Navigation - A website is designed in such a way that it is accessed by both human and crawlers. The technology that stops search engines to spider the pages is generally avoided. The standard html is generally used so that the majority of search engines are able to follow the links on a website.

Such types of fonts are used by the webmasters that the website text is easy to read.

Large graphics are generally avoided as it takes a lot of time to load. Both search engines and visitors become impatient if it takes a long time to view the content with graphics. Free hosting services that are unreliable and slow in processing are generally avoided.

The WebPages are created in such a way so that they look consistent. All the pages have consistent look, color scheme and navigation.

The most important information on the website appears above in points and marked bold so that the visitor need not have to search the entire content and navigate the whole site. Search site button is there in order to search a key phrase within the site.

Contact information is provided on the website to define the credibility. Including contact information on the website shows that there is some serious and legal business entity.

Each page of website contains unique title and description that is related to the content of the website. JavaScript is generally avoided as it is not search engine friendly.

Keywords and key phrases are defined in a natural way. Website content is written for humans not for search engines.

Each page of website focus on one or two keywords phrases, no more and no less. The keywords are incorporated into Meta tags and web copy.

Thus an optimized website brings search traffic and visitors that have a natural interest in the product or service. Optimization is a part of designing process.

NDDW also pays attention on all the basics for promoting a website starting from defining the navigation structure to the keyword basics, creation of content and avoiding JavaScript and graphics.


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